Testimonial CB

Beau came recommended to me by a friend. As I was hesitant to make an appointment to have help, I knew I needed some tools in order to grow. Not having much therapy, I dreaded the first appointment. Beau’s calming presence along with the serene environment made it a pleasant experience. If there’s anything you are struggling with I highly recommend talking to Beau!

The EMDR therapy is a simple process with life changing results! I love that I can think clearly now without anxiety consuming my thoughts. Before I felt buried in stress now I can take action to complete tasks and feel I’m progressing rather than suffocating. Landon was pure joy to work with and I always felt comfortable with her.


Testimonial JAJ

As someone who was almost ready to give up on counseling after searching for the right fit for almost 5 years, Sojourn truly saved my life. Talk therapy helped me understand my struggles, EMDR provides a way for me to process trauma, and IASIS gave me an opportunity to come off all my medication. Beau Armistead is an incredible man with a heart for helping others, and has proven highly qualified to help with everything ranging from depression to dissociative identity disorder. I’ve been here for almost 2 and a half years now and have been consistently supported through everything life has thrown my way. Sojourn has helped me tackle them all with much success. I highly recommend giving them a shot to anyone who may be on the fence about getting help. Everyone could use a little therapy!




Testimonial SC

I suffered a sever concussion which resulted in chronic headaches and severe light sensitivity. Working with my neurologist, I tried countless medication but none which could help with my light sensitivity. I am beyond thankful the Lord placed my steps at Sojourn Counseling. For the first time I was told there was something that could help. Micro current feedback has been the means to my healing of light sensitivity. I have been given the freedom to enjoy life without sunglasses. There are not words great enough to express the compassion and kindness of the dear people who have helped me at Sojourn Counseling. It is a safe place full of peace, hope, and healing. I am and will be forever thankful.


Testimonial DJS

When I walked into Sojourn Counseling 2 ½ years ago, I was filled with shame, guilt, pain, disgrace, loneliness, rejection and fear from severe, multiple long-term traumas. Scared to death and wanting to run, Beau put me at ease with his calm, reassuring voice and compassionate eyes. He provided me the time and space to settle in, talk at my leisure and share at my discretion. He created a safe, caring environment, freeing me to pour out the pain I felt from my past without any judgment or condemnation for anything I say, have done or experienced in my life.

Beau has always treated me with gentleness, compassion, understanding, kindness and respect, sitting quietly, listening to my stories and empathizing with my pain. He speaks words of encouragement and care as we examine the exposed painful wounds of my heart. Through Beau’s unconditional counseling care, I am experiencing much healing in my life. In our counseling sessions, the deep, dark, scary places are being exposed to the light, warmth and unconditional love of Jesus. Life for me has drastically changed for the best. I no longer think of dying, instead, I have Hope, a new beginning to live life abundantly.




Testimonial JM

I am a former infantry sergeant and team leader who spent roughly 4 years in Afghanistan following 9/11. Seeking help was fairly difficult for me, as it is for many veterans. Like most, weakness is a four-letter word and being mentally traumatized is very much held to be weakness.

When I first stepped into Beau’s office I had anxiety and panic attack so frequently and severe that I avoided leaving the house at all costs. I had reached a point where I simply didn’t want to exist anymore.

Today, thanks to Beau and his urging me to try EMDR and MCN, my life is completely different and I actually want to live it. I’m in school full time, my relationships with my family are dramatically improved. I’m simply not the same person that walked through his door more than two years ago. He will probably disagree, but I’m alive today because I put my faith in a civilian I thought couldn’t understand let alone help me.