Micro Current Neurofeedback is designed to help the brain re-balance and reorganize itself.



For more information about IASIS MCN, visit www.iasistech.com

Unlike traditional neurofeedback, Micro Current Neurofeedback produces fast results in a limited number of sessions, and the ease and simplicity of treatment all distinguish it from traditional neurofeedback. Micro Current Neurofeedback produces a measurable change in the brainwaves without conscious effort from the individual receiving the feedback. The result is a changed brainwave state and much greater ability for the brain and nervous system to regulate itself. Micro Current Neurofeedback is imperceptible to the client, and requires no conscious effort. Our experience shows that more than 85% of our clients observe a noticeable positive response in one to three sessions. Reported changes are generally enduring and sustainable. Micro Current Neurofeedback is very effective in many areas, including: Anxiety, Depression, Anger, mTBI, PTSD, ADD/ADHD, Migraine, Insomnia and Substance Abuse.

Beau Armistead, Landon Jones and Mackenzie Wolnski are Certified IASIS Providers. To schedule an appointment for IASIS MCN, call Landon Jones at 205-259-6215 or email mcn@sojourncounseling.org.

On January 24th, we hosted an info-session on IASIS micro current neurofeedback. We were very grateful for the privilege of hearing from Spence McKinney on his experience with IASIS and EMDR therapy.