Testimony CB

Beau came recommended to me by a friend. As I was hesitant to make an appointment to have help, I knew I needed some tools in order to grow. Not having much therapy, I dreaded the first appointment. Beau’s calming presence along with the serene environment made it a pleasant experience. If there’s anything you are struggling with I highly recommend talking to Beau!

The EMDR therapy is a simple process with life changing results! I love that I can think clearly now without anxiety consuming my thoughts. Before I felt buried in stress now I can take action to complete tasks and feel I’m progressing rather than suffocating. Landon was pure joy to work with and I always felt comfortable with her.



Testimony JAJ

As someone who was almost ready to give up on counseling after searching for the right fit for almost 5 years, Sojourn truly saved my life. Talk therapy helped me understand my struggles, EMDR provides a way for me to process trauma, and IASIS gave me an opportunity to come off all my medication. Beau Armistead is an incredible man with a heart for helping others, and has proven highly qualified to help with everything ranging from depression to dissociative identity disorder. I’ve been here for almost 2 and a half years now and have been consistently supported through everything life has thrown my way. Sojourn has helped me tackle them all with much success. I highly recommend giving them a shot to anyone who may be on the fence about getting help. Everyone could use a little therapy!